Originally created 05/12/00

Mother's Day D.C. march defended

What a novel solution columnist Betsy Hart proposes to the problem of children losing their lives to gun violence. I'm sure that all mothers, including those marching in the "Million Mom March" Sunday, are in agreement that we need father figures in our children's lives.

With the same magic wand, we would also like to erase poverty, neglect and abuse from the lives of our nation's children. However, in the meantime, mothers are uniting in a very tangible, visible first step toward protecting our children from gun violence.

Far from being "a feel-good rally that diverts attention from the real problems facing our children," the march is a bold step by mothers to demonstrate to legislators that failure to take action is unacceptable.

Political influence needs to shift away from special interest groups to the quiet majority who live with these problems while working and raising children in the real world - a world where children ask their mothers what to do when someone enters their classroom with a gun.

A "stroller traffic jam" is exactly what this country needs on Mother's Day.

Nancy Thompson, Augusta


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