Originally created 05/12/00

New call waiting unveiled

BellSouth began offering a solution Tuesday to the two devices, one phone line problem. The company is offering a smart call-waiting service that will let you know someone is phoning when you are logged on the Internet.

Here's how the service works:

When a customer is using the Internet and a call comes in, a screen pops up with the name and number of the caller -- unless it has been blocked. The customer can choose to ignore the call, disconnect from the Internet and take the call, or forward the call to another line.

Customers who already have voice mail service can forward calls there.

The Internet call-waiting service is available in BellSouth areas including Georgia and South Carolina. It costs $4.95 a month. The first month will be free. Voice mail service costs an additional $4.95.

Internet call waiting, however, is not related to regular call-waiting service, which notifies the customer there is another call when the customer is already on the phone.

The service can be useful to customers who spend a lot of time on the computer and do not want to miss calls, BellSouth spokeswoman Erica Webster said. Without the service, customers will not know who called and the caller will get a ringing signal.

To order the service, call (877) 817-8123 or go to BellSouth's Web site, www.bellsouth.com/icw.

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