Originally created 05/08/00

NCAA to crack down on rough play

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA committees governing men's and women's basketball want current rules on rough play enforced and introduced some changes to penalties for technical fouls.

The changes came last week at the committees' annual meetings in Monterey, Calif.

"We felt that, in general, the rules governing rough play are in place; they just need to be enforced more strictly. That is our single point of emphasis for next season," said Reggie Minton, chairman of the men's committee and interim athletic director at Colorado College.

"We walk away from this meeting carrying that single message to conference commissioners, supervisors of officials, officials, coaches and everyone that is a party to this -- we want to eliminate rough play all over the floor."

Both committees voted to recommend dividing the penalties for technical fouls. Under the recommendation, unsporting technical fouls would be penalized with two free throws, while lesser technicals would be penalized with just one. That recommendation would go to the appropriate division championship bodies in late June.

The men's committee also voted to reduce the number of players permitted on the free throw lane from eight to six, not including the shooter, to reduce congestion after missed shots. The NCAA had experimented with that rule last season.

Both committees also made changes in media timeouts. Starting next season, media timeouts will include four 30-second timeouts and one 60-second timeout, rather than five 30-second ones.


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