Originally created 05/08/00

Liberals demonize conservative foes

Liberals do not suffer dissent gracefully. They can barely tolerate the fact that we have one of the few conservative newspapers in the entire country.

Liberals speak condescendingly about how complex the issues are, and about the shades of gray that the unenlightened just cannot appreciate. Nevertheless, they cannot acknowledge room for disagreement. The loyal opposition is vilified and demonized. Conservatives are portrayed as mean-spirited and wicked.

Take for example the April 29 letter from Paul Cook. After voicing his support for the "rescue" of Elian Gonzalez, he found it necessary to accuse the GOP of being a white supremacist organization and the "Garbage of Politics."

Is this what liberals regard as reasoned discourse? Those weren't Republicans blocking the schoolhouse doorways. We could debate the motives of Honest Abe, but the bottom line is that he signed the proclamation -- and he was a Republican.

Still, Mr. Cook tries to link Republicans to all that we jointly despise. In so doing, he would not only demonize but dehumanize as well. Such gratuitous insults and sophomoric wit do not deserve publication, and probably would not have been in many other papers.

I do, however, understand why conservative editors bend over backward to be fair to all sides. Conservatism is about our freedoms. Censorship is no more to be tolerated than is breaking into someone's home without a search warrant or court order, which brings us back to Elian.

It has been speculated that President Bill Clinton had to give up Elian to Castro so not to jeopardize a planned normalization of Cuban relations after the election.

I understand that Elian was born two years after his parents were divorced. Maybe he was with his biological family all along. I have not heard any calls for DNA testing. Could this actually be conservative compassion? Nah. After all, we're not human.

Don F. Gonella, Martinez


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