Originally created 05/08/00

U.S. best country to raise Cuban boy

Re Mr. Paul Cook's April 29 letter to the editor: It sounds as if Mr. Cook is being the radical, not The Chronicle. His attitude seems riddled with political partisanship to me.

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno is, at a minimum, guilty of being dishonest with the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez and deserves at least some criticism. As to Mr. Cook's comments regarding the "rescue," perhaps he could explain what Elian was being rescued from or for? It is apparent that the child is on his way back to Cuba; this might be the situation that ought to necessitate his rescue.

Come on Mr. Cook, leave your political views on the sidelines for once. No one cares what party you owe your allegiance to. Use your head: Can't you see what is happening to this child?

Where is the greater priority, the right of the father to return his child to a Communist upbringing, or to show some real love and give him the better gift of true freedom for the rest of his life? If you were his father, which choice would you make for Elian, Mr. Cook, life in Cuba or here in the United States of America?

Bill Cobb, Martinez


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