Originally created 05/07/00

Partial-birth abortion attacked as 'unjustified infanticide'

What's wrong with this nation? Have we become so depraved and evil that we can actually justify and legalize infanticide?

Does our Supreme Court actually need to even consider the merits of partial-birth abortion and its liberty/civil rights implications? Where in the Constitution does it even imply, let alone come right out and state, that mothers have a right to murder their babies?

Among decent, rational people, whether or not a woman has a right to an abortion (during the first and, perhaps, the second trimester) is reasonably arguable. As is often the case, I'm somewhat against abortion and my wife is pro-choice. Still, I can understand the view of her and many other women that it should be their choice -- during the first trimester ... But how can any remotely decent person tolerate the killing of babies through the act of partial-birth abortions? And don't fool yourself, biologically and morally we are talking about a baby, not a fetus, during the last trimester -- in spite of the typical trickery of the legal profession.

Doctors who are performing partial-birth abortions are killing babies -- period. Am I the only one who thinks of Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin's gulag when I think of this monstrous act?

The argument that partial-birth abortions are justified to preserve the health or life of the mother is just ... American Bar Association legal trickery. In this awfully cruel procedure the mother goes full term and gives birth to her baby, whether or not the doctor sticks a pair of scissor into its skull. She either gives birth to a live or dead baby.

Don't get me wrong; in those rare, legitimate cases where the mother's life is truly in danger, she should have a choice. But this procedure should never be performed for the convenience of some sorry creature who just couldn't get around to an abortion until the last trimester...

Einar Waldun, Hephzibah


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