Originally created 05/07/00

NAACP chief's quote draws fire

In response to the quote in the April 28 The Chronicle by Alexander Smith, president of Augusta's National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter, "The flag is the last remnant of segregation and discrimination":

If a piece of cloth colored red, white and blue is the last remnant of segregation and discrimination, then the NAACP should be disbanding very shortly and maybe people of all colors can begin to live more peaceably with each other.

My opinion simply refers to Mr. Smith's statement. I do not believe that this is the last problem, nor do I believe Mr. Smith thinks so either. The fact remains that the past has already happened; we cannot change it.

What we can work together to change is the future by learning from the mistakes made in the past.

Angelynn Price, Harlem


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