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ACLU blasted over Ohio motto case

Every day there is yet another case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union to get rid of the ideas and foundations on which this country was founded.

I was watching CNN coverage of a lawsuit brought against the Ohio state motto: "With God, all things are possible." This motto was adopted in 1959 when a 12-year-old suggested it because the state had no motto. The problem appears to be that a Presbyterian minister, Rev. Matthew Peterson, believes that this motto is unconstitutional and it mixes politics with Christianity.

The 6th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, and reversed a lower court's ruling that allowed Ohio to use the motto. Circuit Judge Avern Cohn stated that the motto was taken from the New Testament, specifically, Matthew 19:26. The ACLU believes, "The motto is far from neutral: Rather, it is an expression of a particularly Christian approach to salvation, and divine intervention in human affairs."

As I watch the news, I am seeing more of these types of lawsuits. It appears that the ACLU is fearful of Christianity and the idea that there is salvation through Christ and a hope of eternal life.

I haven't seen where they have fought for the Christians' civil liberties. I do see where they fight to get the Ten Commandments taken off the courthouse walls, to get nativity scenes off government lawns, to get prayer out of school and to take down state mottos that give reference to God.

I wrote a letter to the editor in 1998 in which I stated,"Little by little our freedoms are being taken away while we as Christians are lukewarm." I still believe this, especially as I see that it is getting worse...

Melony Stevens, North Augusta


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