Originally created 05/07/00

NAACP hit for 'targeting' the South

The NAACP is on the move to kill anything to do with the Civil War, which includes the Confederate flag, symbols, statues and history itself. They have targeted South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi -- the last states to fly the Confederate flag.

The latest move is to keep the boycott going in South Carolina, even though the state Senate has reached a compromise to take the flag off the Statehouse dome and the General Assembly chambers and relocate it to the Gen. Wade Hampton monument on the Statehouse grounds. This does not please the NAACP, which takes money from its members and does not spend it on the African-American communities that need help.

The NAACP is out to destroy the South and all things relating to the Confederacy. We have lost singing Dixie at public gatherings and the movie Song of the South has been banned in the United States. This is just the start. What our grandfathers and families fought and died for during the Civil War will be in vain.

Protecting and saving our heritage is not hate and not racism; it's to honor our southern descendants.

J. Adams, Augusta


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