Originally created 05/02/00

Argues against two-track bus schedule

I disagree with the double-track concept ("Bus schedule could lower paychecks," The Chronicle April 26). The Columbia County School Board did not take into consideration additional amount of discipline problems the drivers will now face with high school and middle school students on the same bus.

... Every parent I talked to has disagreed with this new system. I do not want my middle school child on the same bus as the high school kids.

Did anyone ask the drivers what they thought? No. Did the board take into consideration that by doing this they risk the loss of many dedicated drivers? No.

The transportation department cannot keep enough substitutes as it is now, so what are they going to do when school starts and we don't have enough drivers? There are drivers who drive while sick all the time because there is no one to cover for them.

How do I know all this? I am a Columbia County bus driver and my job is at risk along with many other drivers who have worked a lot longer than I have.

Robin Johnson, Evans


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