Originally created 05/02/00

'Protective' Confederate flag lauded

Well, folks, you have been thinking about and planning your vacation -- one without noise, vulgar language and total inconsideration; a vacation where you and your family can feel safe walking the streets and participating in activities that people do on vacation.

It's hard to make the decision on where to go to have all this and more. Well, not any more. You can go to the beautiful state of South Carolina. As long as we fly our protective Confederate battle flag over the Statehouse, we can have all this.

You can feel safe doing most anything you want, and not have to fear for yourself or your family's safety. And contrary to what our stupid, liberal, no-guts, turncoat governor says, that flag is not going anywhere.

Governor, don't waste your time, money or breath on running for a second term. You won't be re-elected. And to the NAACP -- we won't be bullied.

Charlie J. Connell, North Augusta


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