Originally created 05/01/00

The good LIFE

South Carolina educators are troubled at a study showing that two out of five LIFE scholarship recipients have failed to maintain the minimum "B" average to stay in the program.

This is probably a matter of whether one sees the glass as half full or half empty. After all, three out of five students have kept their scholarships, and that's pretty good.

The Palmetto State statistics also track closely with Georgia's HOPE scholarship program, on which LIFE is modeled. The fact that some kids lose their scholarships shouldn't surprise.

The programs still provide strong incentives for students to work hard and get the best grades they can so they can keep their scholarship. In Georgia this has resulted in more and better educated graduates. It should in South Carolina, too.

The LIFE study also revealed that most students who don't maintain their "B" average stay in college anyway -- by going to work or taking out student loans. That's positive. Without the LIFE scholarship to get them started many, if not most, of those kids would never have gone to college in the first place.

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