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Urges construction of biking path and walkway

Columbia County, in the area along Belair and Stevens Creek roads, has been growing at a very rapid speed. A lot of residential construction is going on there. While the increase in housing is a healthy sign of growth and prosperity, it also means there will be more traffic ... A good number of residents in this neighborhood like to jog and bicycle along Evans to Locks Road to Savannah Rapids, an excellent outdoor facility at the Savannah River.

Evans to Locks Road is not only an important route that connects a large number of our population to River Watch Parkway, it is also the only road that leads to Savannah Rapids, a more than $1 million recreation facility built by our county.

There are always a number of us who like to jog, walk or bicycle on Evans to Locks Road. Currently, that road is not very jogger- and bicycle-friendly. Oftentimes some of our drivers along Evans to Locks Road don't respect the joggers, pedestrians or bicycles.

I propose our county commissioners build a bicycle path/walkway along Evans to locks road starting from the Columbia county office complex on Belair Road to Savannah Rapids. The addition of such a unique facility in our county will not only make our county even more attractive, but also will provide a safe passage to people who ride bikes and jog along Evans to Locks Road to reach Savannah Rapids.

Another tremendous advantage that I see of such a facility would be that it would provide more family time together. I would like to solicit support for this cause by other community members.

Iqbal Khan, Martinez

(Editor's note: This letter is being reprinted because an editing error changed the meaning of the original letter.)


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