Originally created 05/01/00

Believes cartoon missed point

The Chronicle editorial cartoonist Rick McKee and the rest of the collective media world must have missed out on the point of the whole Midland Valley incident. Rather than compare it to the tragedy of Columbine, the media should commend the powers that be that this tragedy was averted.

I commend the person who tipped the police on the two individuals who made the threats. Often in today's society people choose to ignore what's going on around them. Thank God that this person chose not to ignore the threats. I commend the Midland Valley High School principal, Aiken County Public School District, and the police for investigating the threats and stopping a potential tragedy.

Why can't the media also commend the fact that "evil" and "ignorance" did not take over Midland Valley, thanks to these people?

Johnathan Richards, Langley


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