Originally created 05/01/00

Question publication of Valley cartoon

I saw the April 20 cartoon featured in The Chronicle and had to ask, "Why?" Why would the South's oldest paper, the one I delivered in the valley as a teen-ager, allow a cartoon that pokes fun at what is a national tragedy?

What good did it accomplish to publish this sick picture that attempted to tie the Columbine tragedy to the Midland Valley High School incident? What good could come from a drawing that depicted Mr. Ignorance asking Ms. Evil if she would like to celebrate at Midland Valley High School?

I'll tell you what good it accomplished. None at all. You offended thousands of citizens from the valley and only added gasoline to an already tense situation at the school. My son came home from school very upset when he saw the artist's sick attempt at being funny.

It definitely was not funny or educational, and added nothing positive to the problem. You owe the fine people of the valley an apology, because the last time I read your paper, evil and ignorance lived everywhere.

Gordie Leopard Jr., Warrenville


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