Originally created 05/01/00

Blasts driver who ran red light

My heart goes out to the Keys family and friends who recently lost a wife, mother, teacher, friend, and now they have lost a son and brother.

I do not know these people. That doesn't matter. This tragedy touched me. The person who ran this red light, and caused this horrible accident that will change lives forever, was not a teen-ager. He was an adult who had been ticketed for other driving violations, such as driving too close.

I bring up the fact that he was not a teen-ager, because most of the people I see run red lights are adults. It's sickening that people are in such a hurry they can be careless drivers who kill others and change lives in the most painful ways.

I hope the person responsible for this senseless accident sits in jail for a long time and never drives again. I hope the Keys family finds healing in the days to come through prayers and the support of people who know them as well as those who don't.

Julie A. Roberts, North Augusta

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