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Homeowner awareness

Check with the building inspection department in your county and become familiar with the codes. Follow your job and get the results of the inspections. Contact inspectors to see how your job is progressing.

Contact other homeowners who have used your subcontractors or builder to see what kind of work they do. Any delays? Did they come back to fix problems?

If structural problems arise, call your builder and ask him to make the repair. If you get no response from the builder, then send a certified letter to him. If you then get no response, call your county inspection department and ask them to intervene.

Hire a private building inspector to inspect your home before you move in.

Prices for home-building materials vary. Become familiar with the types of materials that are being used in your home. Will you be happy with prefabricated cabinets and laminate wood floors, or are you willing to pay for solid wood?

New Homes

Aiken County (does not include the cities of North Augusta or Aiken)

1999: 356

1998: 338

1997: 235

Columbia County

1999: 815

1998: 850

1997: 689

Richmond County

1999: 683

1998: 657

1997: 485


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