Originally created 04/29/00

Urges Miami raid be investigated

I am sure you are as concerned as any law-abiding American citizen must be when he considers the actions of the Clinton Administration in taking Elian Gonzalez from his relatives' home in Miami.

I was pleased to hear that the Senate is calling Attorney General Janet Reno to explain the armed raid. I was disappointed the mainstream press accepted the child-grab as acceptable for a democracy that's based on freedom and the rule of law. The movement of Elian to a place where no one can see him ... is a further example of a police-state method of doing things.

Didn't the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rule that custody of Elian was with the family in Miami until a ruling was given at a hearing on May 11? How are we sure that Elian has not been removed from the United States in violation of a specific court order? How can his lawyer or other family members be kept from him without violating his rights under our rules of law?

The investigation should start with people at the scene of this shameful action and move up the chain of command until it reaches the president, who either unlawfully directed it or unlawfully didn't stop it. Each lower level person should be promised the least punishment required by law for their actions if they will testify about the actions of the people in the next level above.

Prompt action is needed to allay the fears of all thinking Americans that they could be next for this kind of treatment.

Gene England, Aiken


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