Originally created 04/28/00

Voices support for Janet Reno

Your new editorial page chief, Suzanne Downing, has proven that she lacks even a semblance of objectivity in the Elian Gonzales matter. Her three anti-administration diatribes are knee-jerk reactions following the lead of a minority of Republican leaders who initially accused Attorney General Janet Reno of acting without a legal warrant.

When the fact of the legal warrant emerged, did they apologize? Does Ms. Downing take them to task for the false accusation? No, to both questions. Ms. Downing openly insults those of us who support Ms. Reno.

She is not smarter than we or she would not have printed the lie that Elian "was looking down the barrel of a loaded automatic weapon." The now-famous photo clearly shows the officer's weapon pointed downward and to the left of the child and the man holding him.

One last comment. Seventy percent of Americans polled support Ms. Reno and yet The Chronicle published one pro-Reno letter and five against her.

Gene Rickaby, Martinez


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