Originally created 04/28/00

Attacks cartoon about Midland Valley

I am a student at Midland Valley High School and am not ashamed of that in the least bit. That you had the audacity to draw and publish in last Thursday's editorial page cartoon was a huge mistake.

To compare the massacre that happened at Columbine High School in Colorado to an incident at Midland Valley was insensitive and cruel. Many people lost their lives in the Columbine massacre and you made it seem like a holiday that we should celebrate.

Editorial page editor Suzanne Downing even reflected on the cartoon by writing a column. I thought it was just an attempt to overshadow the mistake she made.

All she did was make me more upset. She never said she were sorry. She published it and now she can't go back on a bad judgment. She could have at least said she made a mistake.

Editorial cartoonist Rick McKee is a rude, insensitive, evil human.

Candy Maxwell, Graniteville


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