Originally created 04/28/00

Sees Midland Valley cartoon as garbage

In response to the editorial cartoon in the April 20 Chronicle, I was very disappointed to see something so tasteless.

As a former Midland Valley High School graduate, as the sibling of a current Midland Valley student, and the daughter and niece of Aiken County public school employees, I must say that the cartoon was not only uncalled for, but was way out of line. There was nothing funny about this cartoon. It shows exactly where the media are on issues such as this.

On Tuesday I could not even turn in to pick up my brother, who attends Midland Valley; and others could barely get into the subdivision near the school to get to their homes because of all the media present.

In many cases where students act out against others with violence, the children are looking for the exact kind of media attention as was given the two students arrested at Midland Valley. The Chronicle should have used a little more thought before printing such garbage.

Lauren Smith, North Augusta


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