Originally created 04/28/00

Gonzalez case brings back memories of Nazi thugs

The armed and masked federal raiders who spirited Elian Gonzalez away under the cover of darkness brought to mind my childhood memories of the Nazi Gestapo thugs who kidnapped the German Jews in the late 1930s.

This foray was immoral, illegal and unjust. President Clinton has the "guts of a burglar," when he is indulging his own pleasures, but demonstrates the backbone of a jellyfish when he presides over internal government matters, while "bravely" hiding behind the skirts of his hench-woman Janet Reno.

Our government has already shattered the tobacco industry, and is working on the medical profession. Their newly announced plan will allow them to read all of your e-mail. Will the same high-handed system be used when they come to confiscate our guns? Will our garages be smashed and our SUVs destroyed on some autocratic whim?

The people who supervised this raid are part of the same administration that wants the government to do everything for you. After this Miami debacle, I submit that the same government that can do everything for you can also do anything to you. Beware.

Bill Sherrill, Augusta

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