Originally created 04/22/00

Claims Reno promotes Communism

Another master blunder is in full swing by Attorney General Janet Reno. This woman refuses to rest until she gains control in every area of our lives, whether promoting child pornography, hindering investigations involving illegal money from China or road blocking President Bill Clinton. Now, she is trying to turn a family custody court battle to far pass one of her most famous disasters, "The slaughter of innocent Waco children."

On the surface, the Elian Gonzalez story may seem clear cut; however, the father of this young boy gave his blessing as his ex-wife and son entered a raft on the Cuban shore and set themselves into a dangerous, 90-mile stretch called the Florida Straight.

It may take years before we know what kind of threat President Fidel Castro has with Juan Gonzalez families still living in Cuba, but this fight is liberty vs. Communism, for which thousands of Americans have died to protect; freedom vs. slavery, as communism forces a mother and young child into shark-infested waters; prosperity vs. poverty, as Ms. Reno and Mr. Castro use taxpayer money to fight an American working family.

Who knows what drives Ms. Reno to bully people? One thing is obvious: Her motive to promote Communism with unlimited resources.

American rights are being tested again in this one incident that dominates our news. Americans must remember freedom has never been free and President Clinton appointed people, such as Ms. Reno, who desires to steal that liberty away. I suggest Ms. Reno is not looking to buy real estate in Cuba. Why force others?

Kim D. Burson, Williston


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