Originally created 04/21/00

Cheerleaders play their part

Standing along the back of the end zones, cheerleaders will try to distract fans at Augusta's arenafootball2 games.

After tryouts in February, a group of 17 cheerleaders was selected to represent the Augusta Stallions this season.

"The Augusta Stallions have afforded young women of the CSRA an opportunity to dance on a professional level in a public forum," team captain Tammie Newman said."There are so many talented women on the squad who have the chance to continue their expertise after high school and college."

The cheerleaders will be divided into two teams during the majority of the football games with one team standing behind each goal post and four cheerleaders in the stands doing promotional work.

Former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Amber Cimadevilla is the director of the cheerleaders, while Natalie Jardine, Allyson McCrary, Michelle Austin and Newman make up the team's captains. Other members of the squad include: Angie Cardona, Christi Carter, Mary Ellen Deloach, Amy Edwards, Kierston Eicke, Kim Henderson, Tanika Mason, Eara Nimmers , Kelli Reed, Christine Shen, Randi Thompkins, Ashley Wengrow and Casey Wren.


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