Originally created 04/21/00

Wants group to face bigger problems

I would like to ask South Carolina National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President James Gallman when enough is enough.

Our South Carolina Senate has offered a plan to remove the battle flag from the statehouse. This is not good enough for Mr. Gallman. Will he and the NAACP ever be satisfied? Why doesn't he concern himself with real problems such as unwed mothers, children using drugs and violence in schools? His group does nothing to discourage this behavior.

All his group does is incite violence and hate. It's sad that the only way the NAACP can make headlines is over the flag. Wouldn't a better headline be "NAACP supports plan to end violence and drug use in our schools"? Could it be that it does not know how to address real problems. Or is it afraid to?

Donald Smith, Warrenville


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