Originally created 04/21/00

Seeks higher 'notch baby' payments

On behalf of my "notch baby" mother, I am writing you. Born in 1919, she and others of her "notch baby" generation (1917 to 1921) have been dealt a poor hand in terms of Social Security. A Social Security Administration spokeswoman says "no reasonable basis exists" for changing the payments to notch babies.

So the question is: Where is the congressional support for equality for these people? Is it true that Congress is just waiting for all of them (predominately women) to die, then the problem will just go away? This is the view of my mother's peers.

Congress should be ashamed if an unfairness that is fixable persists, yet is ignored on its watch.

Then again, I guess this would just be business as usual. ...

Christine M. Steigelman, Augusta


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