Originally created 04/10/00

Blames troubles on lack of God

For many years I have heard about everyone having the right to "to do their own thing." Well, it's come full circle now where the rights of the few have turned on the masses.

Children have been left to suffer the consequences of the actions of adults. We have been so preocuppied in fighting for different rights that we have lost all rights to pray in our schools, teach our children the importance of family, church, God, the Ten Commandments -- all of that stuff that is no longer a right or popular.

In fact, a lot of adults are embarrassed to say we love our Lord God. If we are guilty of this, what kind of message are we sending children? They are paying the price for our careless behavior. Evil has a way of attacking the weaker. Our children are the weaker and we are not doing everything possible to help them overcome.

Years ago, when the U.S. Supreme Court declared it was not legal to have prayer in our schools, Satan and all his angels started cheering. That marked a giant leap to where we are right now: children killing children, people going on shooting sprees -- it's a list that's becoming endless.

God has to become the most important part of our lives. Family unity is all-important. I urge all to stand up and say we care about what is happening and shout loudly that change has to come. ... Pray for our nation to be truly one nation under God.

Barbara Mohler, Augusta


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