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Sees America losing its 'soul'

There has always been something great about this country of immigrants, as if it had a "soul." We emerged from World War II as history's greatest superpower because of the indomitable American spirit and, I believe, through divine intervention. However, something is happening to the "soul" of the United States.

Perhaps it started after World War II when fathers who wanted to forget the horrors of war spoiled the "baby boomers." Spoiling progressed to sickness after the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in public schools, interpreted by many as a decree of divorce between God and country. We went down the slippery slope when the Supreme Court placed the power of the federal government behind those who choose to kill unborn children ...

Dr. C. Everett Koop, former surgeon general, has correctly written, "Abortion is an atrocity changing the whole thought process of our country. More than 1 million unborn lives a year cannot be terminated without taking its toll on us as a nation."

Where are we now?

Clinton sheds tears from one eye while "thinking" of a child smoking tobacco, but is too "lowlife" to sign the ban on partial birth abortions sparing thousands of babies a horrible death.

The baby boomers' approach retirement seemingly unaware that abortion has decimated by one-third the generation responsible for their Social Security.

Children kill children; people wonder why. The words of Mother Teresa seem prophetic: "If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"

About 4,000 abortions occur each day. Babies are delivered alive and their body parts harvested for sale, this in a nation where the majority of people claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Christians, particularly conservative evangelicals, are objects of constant ridicule. Never, never question anything in the "politically correct" category. John Rocker is proof of that.

Locally many are more concerned about the treatment of stray animals than infanticide in "abortuaries."

Dr. Koop was prophetic and Ambassador Alan Keyes is correct. Moral and spiritual decay, typified by the slaughter of unborn children, is destroying the "soul" of the nation ...

Hubert Baker, Aiken


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