Originally created 04/09/00

Slams the Barnes education bill

We are very fortunate to have Linda Schrenko, Georgia's superintendent of schools, speak out onthe full impact of the Barnes education bill for 2000. I learned that Columbia County will lose teachers and paraprofessionals, and undoubtedly we will have an increase in local ad valorem taxes as a result of Barnes' efforts.

Gov. Roy Barnes is not alone in this duping of the public, for we had Rep. Robin Williams, R-Augusta and Rep. Ben Harbin, R-Martinez, vote in favor both times. Also, Rep. Bill Jackson, R-Appling, voted for it the first time and against it the second time. (Seems like he votes with the changes in the wind.)

Additionally, all four of our hometown boys (Sen. Joey Brush, R-Appling, Rep. Williams, Rep. Harbin, and Rep. Jackson) participated in the secret meeting to enlarge Columbia County government without any citizen input or discussion with the Columbia County Commission; and these four are Republicans?

Now because of their irresponsible performance, we need to be sure that each of the above either gets a new line of work or registers for unemployment after the July 18 primary. Therefore, we will require fresh new faces in the Columbia County delegation. Hopefully, we will be able to effect this change if we as voters are serious about taking back our government and making it responsive to the citizens.

Arlene Sprowls, Evans


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