Originally created 04/08/00

Urges veto power for mayor

Augusta Commission members are able to write the laws they want, at any time they wish, and answer to no one. They are the ones who vote on any decision for the city, how to run the city, who to appoint to city positions -- things that affect our everyday life, and yet we have no one to check them if they step out of line.

You would think that our mayor would have some kind of power that restrains or at least slows down what commission members could easily enforce at their will. Yet sadly, in the present state of city government, our mayor has nothing, absolutely nothing, that can check the 10 commissioners.

While the president has at least a veto power to curb Congress when it gets out of line, Augusta's mayor is unable to do anything of the sort.

What Augusta needs for its mayor, the person Augustans look to for guidance of their city, is a measure of power that can curtail the abusive omnipotence of the city commission's rapid pace of legislation that the majority of the city is not even aware of.

Augusta needs a strong mayor to take charge and make it the way he promised he would; but how can he rightly do that with no legislative power or checks? At a minimum, the mayor should possess veto power ... Without that, Augusta might as well get rid of the mayor and let the commission run everything...

Michael Peters, Graniteville


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