Originally created 04/08/00

Defends morality of non-Christians

Re J. Teasley's March 30 letter:

In response to Ms. Teasley's question about what is wrong with Christianity, the simple answer is that there is nothing wrong with it providing one isn't trying to ram Christianity, or some version of it, down the throats of other people.

Also remember teachers are government employees. Does Ms. Teasley really want the government telling her children what religion they should adhere to?

However, it is her second question about what is left after Christianity is taken out that I feel must be addressed. She seems to believe that Christianity has a corner on all morality and ethics. I can't agree with her.

I have known many Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Bahais and a few Hindus. All of them are ethical, moral and upstanding people whom I am proud to recognize as friends. From birth, all of them have been taught not to lie, steal, or engage in sexual misconduct or other immoral activities.

Surely Ms. Teasley can recognize that she misspoke when she implied that only Christians are moral. I regret that, in this otherwise enlightened era, we have to be reminded that no one group has a lock on righteousness.

Douglas Martin, Evans

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