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FORCE FED: George Lucas' Stars Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace is being released on video Tuesday in the United States and Canada. The two-hour, 13-minute movie is listed at $24.98.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Lucasfilm Ltd. also are releasing a wide-screen, video collector's edition (limit of 1.5 million) at $39.98. It includes an additional 12 minutes of behind-the-scenes documentary footage, a 48-page booklet and a strip of 35mm film from an original theatrical movie print. No DVD release is scheduled for this year.

Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace is a journey back to the beginning of the Star Wars saga and the meeting of young Anakin Skywalker and then-young Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi -- a union that will change the course of galactic history.

The film, written and directed by Lucas, stars Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd and Samuel L. Jackson.

NEW KIDS SHOW: Between the Lions, PBS' new weekday children's series, debuts today at 10:30 a.m. on WCES-TV (Channel 20) and WEBA-TV (Channel 14). The show aimed at readers ages 4 to 7, features Theo, Cleo, Lionel and Leona, a family of lions who run a library where characters pop off the pages, vowels sing and words take on lives of their own. The series uses puppetry, animation, live action and music. For details about the show, see Page 12C.

DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION: One place many people don't feel at home is in an auto showroom. Especially women: Auto-industry analysts estimate that 50 percent of women dread shopping for cars because they dislike auto dealers. Ironically, women make 50 percent of direct car and truck purchases and influence 80 percent of all vehicle purchases.

TOO CLOSE TO HOME: In the post-Columbine world, most parents are quite worried about violence. In a survey sponsored by Parents magazine and the I Am Your Child Foundation, three in four parents said they worry about their children being victims of violence. Even more disquieting, one in four fear their own children might be capable of violence.


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