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Says replace guns with God in schools

How ironic. Two articles on the same day appeared in The Chronicle that show the futility of yet another Bill Clinton scheme.

As everyone knows, Mr. Clinton and other liberals want all guns to have gun locks. It does not matter that this will never stop someone from committing a crime with a gun. Criminals do not follow gun laws. Gun locks will not make criminals safer. I can see it now: "Hands up everybody. This is a hold up. Don't anyone move or I will take this gun lock off."

In the March 24 issue of The Chronicle there was an article about the city of Augusta giving away thousands of gun locks. People from all walks of life (except criminals) came to receive the locks.

In the same issue of the newspaper was a front page article about a sixth grade boy from Ohio who held his class hostage with a 9mm handgun. He found his father's gun, which had a gun lock, and unlocked it with the key. So much for stopping another crime.

In the not-so-distant past, I was a child and guns were prevalent in most homes. There was no such thing as a gun lock. Kids did not go to school and shoot other kids.

What has changed in the past 30 years that makes it necessary for metal detectors to be at schools? We have taken God out of the schools and wonder why there are shootings. We have taken prayer out of the classrooms and wonder why there are killings. We have taken discipline away from the teachers and wonder why there are hostage situations. We have taken standards and lowered them to all-time lows and wonder why graduates of high schools cannot read.

Keep on wondering America.

Donny Gray, Augusta

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