Originally created 04/03/00

Raps paper for 'lack of objectivity'

According to the March 12 Chronicle, Christopher Andrews died of cardiac wounds at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital after allegedly being stabbed by Alicia Hall. I'm a lay person without a law degree, but because of the commitment to the cause of victims' rights, I've had to familiarize myself with the process of reaching a verdict in a case such as this.

When did The Chronicle become prosecutor, jury and judge? What happened to objective reporting? I have no opinion on the case due to the fact that evidence hasn't been presented in a court of law. All I've read is hearsay, pro and con, in favor of the victim and defendant. Mr. Andrews has a right to have his case heard in a court of law before a verdict is reached.

It is unfair and manipulative of the media to render a verdict of self-defense. To do this is extended victimization of Mr. Andrews. Let's allow the judicial system to do its job. I feel that District Attorney Danny Craig is capable of getting to the truth. We expect newspapers to report facts and information, saving opinions for the editorial page.

Barbara Thurmond, Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is president of Blacks Against Black Crime Inc. The Chronicle quoted Alicia Hall's mother, who said the attack on Christopher Andrews was in self-defense.)


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