Originally created 04/03/00

Protests sentence in assault case

On March 14, Dr. Shirley Madison was sentenced to 90 days in a work release program which was later changed to 45 consecutive weekends in jail for attempting to kill my grandson Adam Wilson. Although she pled guilty to assault and battery with intent to kill her own child, she received "special" consideration from Judge Frank Eppes. I doubt seriously that she would have been treated so gently had she been a less prominent member of the Aiken community.

I am concerned not only about the injustice of this sentence, but about the message it sends. Are we to understand that if one commits a violent crime against a child victim that one knows and supposedly loves, the penalty to be faced will simply be a convenient schedule of spending weekends in the county jail? There is no doubt in my mind that if a person were to commit a similar act against the child of a stranger, serious jail time would await the convicted perpetrator.

In the newspaper article reporting the sentencing of Dr. Madison, her attorney indicated that it is her intention to request that her medical license be reinstated. (At the present time it is suspended). She is not only a convicted felon but has failed to honor the solemn oath she has taken as a physician. To use the scalpel in the process of healing is understandable, but to use it as an instrument of attempted homicide is inexcusable.

The opportunity to use a scalpel should never be afforded to her in the future because Dr. Madison should never again be allowed to practice medicine.

Evelyn D. Wilson, Martinez


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