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Questions justice in assault case sentence

As a neighbor of Adam Wilson's grandmother, I was horrified to read all the articles regarding the attempted murder of Adam by his mother Dr. Shirley Madison. This is a woman who had been trained for years in order to become a surgeon and then took the Hippocratic Oath to serve mankind and to treat his ills with compassion. If the attempted murder of a 7-year-old son is a compassionate and loving act by a mother who is also a doctor, then we live in a very sick society.

To further compound the injustice to Adam and the rest of his family, two high-priced lawyers represented this supposedly financially stressed doctor who is a Cedar Lake Country Club resident, in a court of law where the judge put Ms. Madison in a 90-day work-release program. Afterward, Judge Frank Eppes found that she was not eligible for the program because of the seriousness of the crime and he has now placed her in a weekend confinement program with five years probation, random drug testing and mental health counseling.

Remember, the sentence was based on a guilty plea for the attempted murder of a 7-year-old son by the doctor-mother. I can't help but wonder what would have occurred if the offense were a less serious crime such as habitual drunkenness by a poor white, Hispanic or black male.

Is it any wonder that people question whether we have any real justice or even a legal system in this country?

S.F. Putnam, Martinez


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