Originally created 04/02/00

Backs candidates' law-and-order stand

Arthur Shealy, candidate for the South Carolina House District 83 seat, is on target when he says jails should be made more unpleasant for convicted criminals. Too many lawbreakers view jail as a recreational interlude between crime sprees, a chance to network with fellow criminals and to work out in the weight rooms.

Mr. Shealy says we should put "punitive" back into "punishment." Jail time should be made so abhorrent that it serves as an effective deterrent to future malicious acts. Liberals delude themselves in thinking that jail can "correct" anti-social behavior. In truth, the purpose of jail is to punish.

He is also right when he says gun control is ineffective. Gun control legislation is more likely to punish law-abiding citizens than to deter criminals. Again, the only deterrent to crime is swift and severe punishment administered by a no-nonsense state.

I. H. McKnight, North Augusta

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