Originally created 04/02/00

Backs truckers in furor over parking

I have been reading about our Augusta truckers.

First, I'd like to address a statement in the March 26 edition. "Supporters of Augusta's ordinance say public parking spaces are readily available locally and drivers should utilize them." I'd like to know where these spaces are located and how many of these supporters would think about moving their own homes to these locations? I'm sure everyone of them would oppose such a move. I can hear them now, "That area isn't fit to live in," "I'd be scared to death to leave my home at night if I lived there," etc.

Well, how do you think the truckers feel? My brother is a newcomer to the truck driving industry and his employer doesn't allow him to disconnect the rig from the trailer. He was home this past weekend for the first time in four weeks. By the time he arrived on Saturday morning there wasn't any place in any of the truck stops for him to park.

Second, I'd like to respond to the president of the Fairington/Town and Country Neighborhood Association, Raymond Dick (letter, March 27). The Augusta area truckers didn't seem to have a problem until he involved himself in their affairs and, if they choose to look for the county commissioners to solve the problem, are they not following in his footsteps?

I agree our neighborhoods are a place of rest, relaxation and beauty, but don't he and others realize that without our truckers we won't have any of these things?

Michele Hemingway, Augusta


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