Originally created 04/02/00

Rips intrusive Census Bureau form

I am writing to protest the U.S. Census. I received Form D-2. I do not know how many people got this form. Those who did need to think hard about answering all these intrusive questions.

The Census Bureau not only wants to know the number of people living in the household but also wants to know each one's salaries, what other incomes we have and how much we make, where we work, how many hours we work, whether or not we work at home, when we leave to go to work, how many autos we own and how much we pay in utilities. This may all sound innocuous at first, but what this census amounts to is the invasion of our privacy guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights.

Do you realize that if this information were to fall into the wrong hands, criminals could use it to glean enough information to know when to break into our houses and rob us? After all, they would have everything at their fingertips. Also if the FBI or some other agency decided that one of us were a threat to the government, this information could be utilized to invade our private lives.

When I called the Census Bureau question line, I was assured that my census material would be used for statistics only and that only a few people would have access to them. Just what is their idea of "only a few people"?

How could I prevent the bureau from forwarding this information elsewhere once they obtained it? I urge everyone to take a stance against this kind of government activity and only fill in the portions you don't feel invade your privacy.

Theresa L. McTier, Augusta


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