Originally created 03/20/00

Ponders viability of right to bear arms

Should we or shouldn't we have the right to bear arms, as stated in the U.S. Constitution? Maybe this was OK back in the old days. But what about in today's world, with children shooting other children? Should we have the right to bear arms?

The National Rifle Association thinks we should. According to one of those nighttime news shows, the NRA is responsible for gun manufacturers not being able to put safety locks on guns. What is your opinion?

On another gun issue, I believe a child should have to be a certain age before he can be allowed to hunt game (shoot a gun). Some fathers take their sons as young as 3 years old hunting with them.

If a child is not responsible enough to know the consequences of his actions from shooting a gun, he should not be allowed to be taught how to load and shoot a gun, even for hunting game, until he has reached a responsible age.

What is your opinion on this?

G. Edwards, Martinez

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