Originally created 03/20/00

Laments the spiraling cost of fuel

I am writing about the spiraling cost of fuel. It's climbing daily. This not only hurts the consumer when he fills his tank; it hurts all aspects of his life.

For instance, grocers will pass the added cost of trucking on to shoppers. Everything in our daily lives depends on fuel. Our appliances, our hardware, our clothing and all our goods must first travel by truck, rail or air before we buy them. All our services depend on fuel in some way.

If memory serves me right, the American oil producers were the leaders in insisting everyone cut production in order to drive prices up. It's time this was stopped.

Are we going to just sit back and let this become a huge inflation, or are we going to try to get help? I have written my representative in Washington, and am hoping that many more people will do the same. There is plenty they can do.

I feel Kuwait owes the United States and so do some of its neighbors. When I read that the U.S. Energy secretary had asked Mexico to increase production and it refused, I couldn't help but marvel. I feel Mexico owes the U.S. plenty with many American companies moving there and shipping their goods, duty free, back here. This not only raises Mexico's economy, but takes away American jobs. Let's ask our representatives to call back the favor, or demand it be returned.

R. M. Griffin, Martinez


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