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Canal cleanup a success

As they picked up trash along the shore of Augusta Canal near Savannah Rapids Pavilion, members of Cub Scout Pack 615 acted as though they were having a scavenger hunt instead of cleaning the environment.

"I have a beer bottle, a lot of little pieces of trash a lot of tops to drinks," Kyle Lawson said.

"And a Pepsi can," he added with excitement in his voice.

The boys often showed one another their finds -- the bottle caps, beer bottles and wine bottles.

"They are working on their Cub Scout world conservation badge," said Elizabeth Davis, co-den leader, who helped pick up trash with her charges.

Ms. Davis had contacted the Sierra Club to find a day when there would be a cleanup going on. As the half-dozen boys picked up trash on shore, members of the Sierra Club boarded canoes to clean up the waterway.

"There are always a few careless people who throw things into the canal," said Richard Dillenbeck, outings leader with the Sierra Club.

Common items brought out from the canal during the cleanup included plastic bottles, drink cans and fishing equipment. Sometimes, an abandoned refrigerator is located, as are chairs and other unexpected items.

The Sierra Club members spent part of the day on the canal before moving to Lake Olmstead to meet up with a group coordinated by American Wilderness Outfitters LTD.

In addition, Augusta Canal Authority scheduled Saturday as Augusta Canal Cleanup Day and had sought volunteers to help.

Another area cleanup is scheduled for Saturday. For more information, call the Metro Augusta Clean and Beautiful at 821-1790,

Reach Charmain Z. Brackett at (803) 441-6927.


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