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The sarge finally has home base

Porcelain pink, peach and red roses from Italy, a grandfather clock from Germany, a grandmother clock from Korea and clown figurines from Czechoslovakia make Amos and Sandra Thomas' home look more like a tribute to world travel than a yearlong plan for the perfect house.

Sgt. 1st Class Thomas has been in the Army for more than 17 years. He and his family have lived on bases around the world. But in 1998 he moved his wife and two children, Wendy and Keenan, from Germany to Georgia.

With both holding jobs at Fort Gordon, Sgt. 1st Class Thomas and his wife decided to make Augusta their home. They built their dream house in the Walton Landing subdivision in Hephzibah.

The 3,300-square-foot house has a master bedroom, two children's bedrooms, a formal living room, a less formal living room, a formal dining room, a dining area, a kitchen, a sun room, a guest room and a 450-square-foot den.

The home sits on close to an acre of land. Sgt. 1st Class Thomas turned the back yard into a dirt running track and eventually plans to put in a swimming pool and small pond, complete with waterfall.

The formal living room, or sitting room, has a 1989 Korean grandmother clock and antique French furniture in it. The sofa is mahogany and has ivory-colored fabric.

The furniture in the master bedroom is also mahogany. In their bedroom, the Thomases have a double-padded California king bed, which is slightly bigger and wider than a standard king bed

Mrs. Thomas, who works in the Information and Referral office of Fort Gordon's Army Community Service Center, said she waited six months for her bed to arrive.

"Now it's the sheets that are so expensive," she said. "California king sheets run a lot more." Mrs. Thomas said she can pay up to $50 for a set of sheets.

The master bedroom has a bathroom with a whirlpool tub. Nearby, a tray with glasses and wine stands ready for times when Mrs. Thomas wants to escape and relax with a hot, massaging bath.

The massive black armoire filled with collectibles from around the world is what catches people's attention in theThomases' living room. Items include a $1,000 Swarovski crystal chess set, porcelain figurines and other trinkets from around the world.

"I have a little bit of everything in here," Mrs. Thomas said.

The living area curves into the spacious kitchen and dining room. Mrs. Thomas said she enjoys having an open kitchen in her home because it allows her to interact with her family and guests while she is cooking. Mrs. Thomas said she buys fresh flowers for her kitchen every other day and a cake every week.

One of Mrs. Thomas's favorite places in the home is the sun room.

When building the house, Sgt. 1st Class Thomas created a room for himself and one for his wife -- each to be decorated and used as they wished.

Mrs. Thomas takes pride in the work she has put into her room -- the sun room.

The bright yellow and blue furniture is dramatically different from the mahogany and black design in the rest of the house.

Mr. Thomas's room is the den, a soundproof room usually reserved for parties. It has a fully stocked bar, a tropical fish tank, black-leather sofa, love seat, recliner chair and a sound system.

Wendy, 9, and Keenan, 7, also have favorite rooms.

Keenan said he likes his bedroom because of his red, metal bunk beds. Wendy said she also likes her little brother's bedroom because he has a karaoke machine and a microphone.

"But I like my room, too," Wendy quickly said. Her bedroom has a canopy bed and two pink dollhouses in it.

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