Originally created 03/19/00

Clarifies confusion over 'Millionaire'

Re "Expresses outrage over quiz show" (March 15 letter by Eva-Marie Proudfit):

I am writing to correct the erroneous statements made regarding the ABC television show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

The question Ms. Proudfit was outraged about was stated, "Which of these authors was not a woman?" a) George Eliot (not T.S. Elliot as the writer stated); b) George Sand; c) Isak Dineson or d) Evelyn Waugh.

The answer is d) Evelyn Waugh. The other authors were all women, two of whom, George Eliot and Isak Dineson, had pseudonyms.

I hope this clears up any confusion about this particular question and restores a measure of confidence in the intelligence and credibility of the show's researchers.

Marge Swartzwelder, Augusta


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