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Blasts officials for deaths of dogs

I would like to say that I am surprised by what has happened at Richmond County Animal Control concerning the senseless deaths of 82 dogs, but I'm not. However, I would like to pin the blame, not solely on Animal Control Director Jim Larmer, but on the board members and City Administrator Randy Oliver. If these people would have acted responsibly and gotten rid of this obviously dangerous man -- Mr. Larmer -- we would probably be on the road to improvements at the facility and therefore would have spared the lives of the 82 dogs that were killed. What has to happen next for these people to see that Mr. Larmer is incapable of running our animal control?

Mr. Larmer was placed on 30 days probation shortly after my cat disappeared from the facility and I had faith that the board would demand a change in management out there. After 30 days, his probation was extended for no valid reason. For more than two months I have been made aware of complaints directed to the Department of Agriculture concerning Mr. Larmer and other employees, so obviously there are no evident improvements.

I am under the impression that Mr. Larmer is on probation indefinitely, and that the board members and Mr. Oliver are ignoring the concerns of the citizens in Augusta. The profound evidence of Mr. Larmer's incompetence, numerous complaints by area residents and the concerns of the community are obviously not taken seriously by our city officials.

Mr. Oliver is trying to take some heat off Mr. Larmer by claiming that he made the decision to put the dogs down. Well,we all should ask our commissioners why Mr. Oliver is in such an important city seat, when he obviously is not capable of making responsible decisions.

I am ashamed I live in a city that would rather save a little bit of cash than spare the lives of 82 innocent dogs. ...

I vote that they not only fire Mr. Larmer, but all of the employees at animal control also, and start anew. If the city officials won't take a stand and do this, then the shelter needs to be shut down and destroyed. ...

We are suddenly not trying to control the animal population by encouraging the spay/neuter of our pets; but rather we are trying to control it by locking up and killing as many as we can. ...

Amy Sullivent, Augusta


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