Originally created 03/03/00

Says parents key to school reform

As a mother of two daughters in Richmond County schools, I must speak out on the reform movement by Georgia's governor. I think he is going in the right direction, but he is making the wrong people responsible for bringing up test scores. Teachers are doing a very good job in Richmond County; they, however, have their hands tied. Education reform cannot and will not be successful without parental involvement. Teachers and parents working together would do more for education then any reform movement.

I have been a volunteer in the school system since my daughters have been in kindergarten. I tutored seventh grade math for three years as a parent volunteer.

I have seen teachers deal with disrespectful students, kids who do nothing but disrupt the class. There are students who belittle students for their effort to learn. These reforms will not work without parents and teachers forming a team.

I hope all parents will decide to go to their child's teacher and say, "What can I do to help my child?" One thing I have made sure my children know, education is so important to me that I will and have gone to school with them.

Patricia Bonds, Augusta


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