Originally created 03/03/00

Wants end to racial hard feelings

... Suppose the American Indian or the Vietnam veterans decided that they wanted the American flag taken down because of the things that were done to them and the way they were treated? ... I do not think that would ever be considered.

So tell me what is the difference? The American Indian was almost destroyed because the white people wanted their land. The Vietnam vets were spat on and shunned ... because they did what they were told and even put their lives on the line for this country.

I am sorry we have politicians who do not have enough backbone to stand up to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. ...

How can there every be harmony among the races if things like this keep coming up and causing hard feelings among the races? The Civil War is over. Let it go. The people living now had nothing to do with this war.

It is a shame that the NAACP would rather put its effort in this (Confederate flag) issue rather than trying to help the young black people who are living now and so desperately need help and guidance. ...

Virginia Syms, Augusta


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