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Defends candidate in 'straw man' flap

The current brouhaha that the press has caused and that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has exploited over Texas Gov. George W.Bush speaking at Bob Jones University is a "straw man" if ever I saw one. Of course Dr. Bob Jones and other non-Catholic Christians do not subscribe to Catholic doctrine; that is what caused the Reformation; that is why the Catholics and the world call them "Protestants." The Catholics are as much "anti-Protestant" as the reverse. Check out their policies concerning inter-faith marrying and baptism of one's children. I am not at all offended by their doctrine. I simply reject it as they do mine.

But the hypocrisy of the press is so blatant it is a wonder they have any credibility at all.

What about Al Gore's visit to the synagogue where women and children would not be seated? Where is all the uproar about Jewish sexism? And where is "our hero" Sen. McCain's protest? ...

Sen. McCain is making the most of this shallow-minded, knee-jerk reaction, revealing that he is not near the "man" he wants everyone to believe. If he were the man he tries to portray to the claque of reporters riding in his "Straight Talk Express" during his vulgar-mouthed bragging sessions (which vulgarisms they never report), he would also call them on their building of this straw man or renounce his lackey Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., for holding an honorary degree from Bob Jones. Sen. McCain may be considered a national hero to some because of his loyalty to his government during his captivity, but he is no hero to those of us who consider the marriage vow more binding than a pledge of allegiance to a flag. To cheat on his wife who faithfully waited for him during his captivity (which infidelity caused his divorce) is the real indication of his character.

If he now regrets doing it as he says he does, what has changed? To what experience can he point to assure us that his character has improved? Gov. Bush quit drinking, and he can point to his conversion experience to Christ as the turning point in his life. I can trust a man like that. ...

Don Touchton, Martinez


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