Originally created 03/02/00

Doubts effectiveness of S.C. boycott

Re the Feb. 28 Associated Press article about Myrtle Beach merchants:

So the vendors on Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand are removing their best-selling (Confederate) merchandise for fear of offending the perpetrators of political correctness? I must be missing something. How are the "mostly black motorcycle enthusiasts" going to see the offensive souvenirs if they're boycotting South Carolina?

If the "odious" Confederate flag is so offensive to so many people, as claimed by various pollsters, how can it be the most profitable merchandise in the stores?

Excuse me for descending to the popular vernacular, but Du-uuh! Hello-oh? Is anybody home? Don't tell me the boycott is hurting business if merchants are removing their best-selling merchandise from their own shelves. Could it be that the boycott is attracting as many tourists as it repels?

J.R. Cook, McCormick


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