Originally created 03/02/00

Says congressman ignores constituents

I was proud to say that Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., received my vote and support in the lastelection. But I now have serious reservations about my continued support of his political career. Since March 22, I have tried unsuccessfully to get an appointment with him to discuss my concerns about Medicare. Rep. Graham seems to have plenty of time for Fox News, CNN and any other national news organization, but is too busy to talk with the voters of South Carolina.

I have been working in the outpatient admission area of a hospital for more than 20 years and see on a first-hand basis what the bureaucratic system is doing to the elderly patients.

I was hoping that Rep. Graham would be interested in hearing what I see on a daily basis. But, 11 months and no visit from him leads me to believe my concerns are not top priority on his agenda.

Hopefully, Rep. Graham will now have time for the voters of South Carolina since the Republican primary has come and gone.

Elaine T. Sikes, North Augusta


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